Prestige Limousines

        Lasting impressions...

Prestige limousines specializes in providing exceptional and affordable luxury limousine services. We go the extra mile in ensuring that your limousine experience will make a lasting impression. At Prestige limousines we offer customized limousine services to each individual client's request and needs. Prestige limousines has team of knowledgeable office staff to handle our client's request as well highly experienced chauffeurs who are ready to assist you at every step at the way. Let our courteous and professional chauffeurs accommodate you with a touch of elegance. Our staff is very familiar with transportation requirements for weddings, corporate events bachelor and bachelorette parties, prom nights, birthdays and much more to accommodate your travel needs. We are also able guide you and your guest to some of the best sceneries and wine tours around Cape Town. We endeavour to continuously improve our services by taking hid of our clients’ evaluation, feedback and suggestions pertaining our service delivery, chauffeurs and our professionalism. 

Our chauffeurs are professional, experienced and dependable. Our limousines are well kept, clean and fully stocked. We look forward to providing you with exceptional service on your next quiet or grand celebration.


To be the leading provider of exceptional and affordable limousines  hire services.


To provide our clients with unsurpassed limousines hire service experience that leaves them with lasting memories..


Customer satisfaction ~ we understand the core reason for our existence is our clients and for the same

reason we endeavour to satisfythem through the provision exceptional servicesfrom our experienced team.

Efficiency ~ we understand that time is a valuable resource thus we seek to efficiently manage your schedules.

Innovation ~ we endeavour to continuously deliver new innovative products and services that enhances your

limousines hire service experience.

Team work ~ we understand that in order to provide our clients with an exceptional service there is need for a network

of cross functional teams that work harmoniously towards giving them an exceptional service.